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When you need a commercial locksmith to install, replace, or repair you access control system it’s important to choose a company you can trust. At Seguin Locksmith Pros, we’re proud to bring professional locksmith services to businesses in Seguin TX and the surrounding area. No matter what you need a locksmith for; you can count on us to provide exceptional service with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

What Are Access Control Systems

An electronic access control system is a security system designed to grant access to a building or specific area using authorized credentials. Rather than a lock and key mechanism, the electronic access control system relies on one or more credentials before the lock will be disabled.

A key code, pass card, fob or biometric entry credentials are all possible access options for an electronic access control system. Of course, depending on the level of security, you can choose to implement a two phase system that requires two different types of credentials in order to gain access.

For example, we can install an access control system that uses a card, as well as biometric reader before allowing an individual to gain access to a restricted area.

What Are The Benefits


Access Control systems can be used in just about any type of business. When you want to be able to restrict access to specific areas, this system offers an excellent solution. We can install a secure system that will not only deny access to individuals without proper credentials, but it can also provide you with important information, such as the date and time a specific employee entered the secure area.

These systems are also the perfect solution for apartment buildings, condominiums, car parks and other areas where you want to limit accessibility to only those who have been authorized.


Can I Fix Any Problems Myself


A Little Troubleshooting Can Save You The Cost Of A Service Call

As a locksmith company servicing all types of commercial access control systems, we’ve certainly seen just about every problem imaginable. However, one very common problem that can easily be overlooked is quite simple to remedy, even without our professional help.

An electronic access control system is comprised of several elements, including the locking device, wiring, controls and at least one power supply. When an external power source is used, it’s important to make sure that the unit is not accidentally unplugged or that it becomes inadvertently switched off by a wall switch.

Many business owners have called for service only to discover that the only problem they have with their access control system is that it’s lacking a power source. Before scheduling a service call, you should always make sure that your system is receiving the power it needs.


Why Choose Us

At Seguin Locksmith Pros, we offer 24/7 service, so we’re always here when you need us. After all, you never know when you’re going to need an experienced locksmith for your business. In addition to highly trained commercial locksmiths, you can always count on us for fast, friendly service.

As a local company, we’re more than just expert locksmiths; we’re also your neighbor. We’re committed to bringing you the very best service possible. We have skilled locksmiths with high tech tools and the right equipment to get the job done quickly and professionally. You’ll love our up front pricing, so there are never any surprises.

When you need a locksmith, trust the company that is proud to not only offer expert service, but dedicated to being a good neighbor as well.

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