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Seconds count when you’re not able to use your car. It can happen when you need to get to work fast, and it can happen when you’re stuck out in the rain miles away from your home. We understand you need an emergency locksmith fast, and that’s why we deliver. Seguin Locksmith Pros is your go-to automotive locksmith in Seguin TX and the surrounding areas. We specialize in car fob services and we are licensed, bonded and insured for your added peace of mind.

As Technology Advances, So Do We

We have come a long way since General Motors first created their six-cut sidebar lock in 1935. We even have keyless entry now. Our trained locksmith experts stay up-to-date on the current techniques, equipment and technology. This translates to expedient and efficient services for a fraction of the price. Our fast and friendly dispatcher will get us on route to help you quickly.

What Is A Car Fob?

Also known as a remote keyless entry system, car fobs allow you to lock and unlock your car at the push of a button. Many of us take this common convenience for granted. Only when there is a problem, do you realize how important this key really is. Most newer vehicles come with a car fob but just like all modern conveniences, occasionally they can stop working. That’s where we come in.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide 30 minute or less response times .
  • We provide 24/7 availability.
  • We provide upfront pricing.
  • We guarantee to resolve all of your lock issues.
  • We provide emergency locksmith services.
  • We service all types of cars – all makes and models – foreign and domestic.

Full Automotive Locksmith Services Seguin TX

Our full automotive services include car lockout emergency services, ignition switch repair and replacement, broken or lost car key replacement, transponder key replacement, keyless entry system installation, key extraction, laser-cut keys and car fob repair and replacement. Beyond the services our high-tech equipment and highly-trained experts provide, we are there when you need us most.


We provide quick services without damaging your vehicle. We are licensed bonded and insured. We can resolve lock issues with any make or model and with any foreign-made vehicle. We provide commercial and residential locksmith services as well. Whether you are in need of push button access, security gate locks or finger match biometric lock systems, we are able to assist you because we have dealt extensively with all types of locks.


Our customer satisfaction is testament to our professional honesty. Our strict, upfront pricing policy will not leave you with any surprises. When we give you a price, we stand by that price. We will never have hidden costs or fees at the end of the job. We also stand by our 30-minute or less guarantee because your safety is paramount.


Quick Tips

If your car fob isn’t working try one of our quick tips first. If you are still having an issue, give us a call and we will be there in no time.



Check The Battery: The most common reason for a faulty car fob is a dead battery. A quick change will solve the issue, or let you know if there is a bigger problem.



Reprogram The Remote: Check your owner’s manual for reprogramming instructions. This might just save you time and money.

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