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automatic door closer systemHaving the right doors for your commercial property is essential to keep your business running efficiently. We provide full commercial locksmith services including automatic door closers, which will include installations and repairs. Our service profile includes round the clock assistance to businesses in Seguin TX and surrounding areas. We respond to you in a record time of a maximum of 30 minutes.

Why Use Seguin Locksmith Pros

We provide you with quality durable automatic door closers to suit all types of needs and budgets. We provide both commercial and residential services backed by our fully licensed, bonded and ensured experts. Plus, we guarantee upfront prices that fit your budget.

commercial automatic door closers

Door Protection

Busy commercial facilities need automatic doors, due to a large number of people entering and exiting the premise. With regular doors, a lot of loud banging can be heard since you cannot control how people close the doors. This can be extremely annoying, plus too much banging can destroy doors especially those made of glass.

Our highly trained commercial locksmiths set the speed at which your door opens and closes during installation. They are so accurate when determining how wide the door opens, that when all those factors are combined, your door never bangs. The controlled speed also allows guards and receptionists to monitor who is coming in.

commercial automatic door closers

Door Closing

Doors left open, especially in business premises, do not strike confidence in clients. As much as you want to put up notices for people to lock the doors behind them, it does not always work.

Doors that are particularly soundproof serve a purpose and should, therefore, remain closed. Our door closers are designed to ensure the door shuts as soon as possible to prevent noise and wind elements from engulfing the work area.

commercial automatic door closers

Easy Access

Our automatic door closers come in two types, the pull to open and the push to open. The push to open is efficient for places with heavy goods coming into the premise. They can simply push the door with whatever they are carrying. After installation, we provide you with door maintenance services for places with a massive traffic of people.

commercial automatic door closers

Fire Protection And Air Conditioning

Our door closers keep the doors shut at all times unless prompted to open. It is a useful mechanism in case of fire, since the shut doors will prevent the fire from spreading. The automatically closing doors help to maintain the chosen room temperatures. Air conditioners are set to heat up the room during winter and keeping the doors closed prevents the heat from escaping. When you allow us to install a door closer in your work premise, you get to save on the electricity bill from air conditioning.
Contact us at Seguin Locksmith Pros for your automatic door closers and professional services you can depend on. Our fast, friendly service. upfront pricing and high quality work are why we are the best locksmiths in Seguin TX.

Automatic Door Closers FAQ

Q: What options do I have for overhead door closers?

A: The 3 most common mounting types for business and commercial doors are…

  1. Regular Arms: Mounted directly to pull out from the door frame, and considered the most effective type of door closers for everyday use.
  2. Top Jambs: Provide better control for exterior wall doors that swing outward.
  3. Parallel Arms: Strong enough for most typical uses, although not as strong as the standard arm mount.  Located on the push side of a door and the arm is parallel with the door when in the closed position.
Q: Can I control the speed that the door closes?

A: Yes – The rate that the door closes, also known as the sweep speed can be controlled with the latch speed valve. ┬áThis can be set to a specific speed that you determine with one of our specialists.

Q: What happens to the existing holes if I replace my door closers?

A: Usually, the same holes can be used when replacing door closers. We provide a large variety of parts and accessories so you can choose what works best for your needs.

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